Funky beats, cool rhythms, and rhymes permeate the stages and all through the crowd at the 2014 Movement Festival. Located in Hart Plaza, the heart of Detroit pulsates and grooves to the beats of electronic music. The three day festival kicked off Saturday and goes strong all Memorial Day weekend, concluding Monday night. Top electronic DJs from all over will show their skills on one of five stages. Names like DJ Godfather, Just Blaze, and many more will perform for adoring fans.

People from all over the country flood the streets of Detroit to experience this once a year event. “This is the birth place of Techno music, it’s in my heart and soul.” Yells Henry Yu, an avid Techno fan and event goer. Native Detroiter Devon says, “I love it! It’s my favorite festival… I live in Detroit so this is the only place to be right now.”

From noon to midnight for three days straight fans will dance and party. For those who want the keep the party going after midnight, a number of event sponsored after parties are being hosted all throughout the city. The vibe throughout the crowd is about music, fun, and just being yourself. Unique expressions of style and dance can be seen in every corner. This event is open and positive for electronic music fans just looking to have a good time. “It’s just all different types of genres of music all within Techno or Electronic music,” says Mary Vaglica. The CW50 Street Team really had an awesome time grooving to the beats!

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