The CW50 Street Team headed out to the zoo to make some new friends at the ‘Meet Your Best Friend at the Zoo’ day. Held on the grounds directly outside of the Detroit Zoo, the semi-annual event brings together local animal shelters and organizations hoping to find homes for both young and old animals. Puppies, kittens, dogs, and cats were available for adoption at the two-day event.

Hundreds of people made it out in search of a new addition for their family. The Street Team’s Megg Jacobs talked with Ryan McTigue, PR Coordinator for the Michigan Humane Society. Ryan was proud to help animals find loving homes. “Today we are expecting our twenty thousandth adoption”, he said.

Many people walked away from the event with a new best friend. When asked if it took long to find their new friend, Christine and Brittany quickly replied “it didn’t even take a half hour.” Even Street Team Member Megg Jacobs found a new friend. After talking to several dogs, puppies, and even kittens, she is now the proud owner of a 13 year old dog named Faith who will fit in perfectly with the rest of her animal family.

‘Meet Your Best Friend at the Zoo’ united hundreds of families and animals. It was great to see so many new friendships being formed and to watch people walk away smiling with their new best friends!

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