Downtown Detroit was packed with cheering and screaming fans on Sunday morning. Thousands of excited spectators crowded the streets to cheer for and encourage friends and family members taking part in the 36th annual Detroit Free Press Marathon. Every year the Detroit Free Press hosts this unique and exciting marathon for runners in downtown Detroit, allowing them to cross an international border twice and run an ‘underwater mile’. Participants had the option of taking part in a full marathon, half-marathon, 5K run, or a marathon relay. Over 20,000 motivated runners participated in the event!

The CW50 Street Team caught up with some of the runners right after they crossed the finish line. The Street Team’s Krystle Anderson talked with runner Kim Landris about her preparation for the marathon. “I think a lot of preparation is mental,” she said. “Just believing that you can do it and no matter how much time it takes you it’s worth it”.

Krystle also talked with Tim Kresevich, a runner with the looks and attitude of wrestler Hulk Hogan. Tim was quick to offer his motto and words of motivation for running a marathon. “Say your prayers, take your vitamins, and do your workouts just like the Hulkster”, he said.

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