The CW50 Street Team had a blast participating in some snowy fun at the Berkley WinterFest. Held at the Berkley Community Center Complex, the event brought families in the community together for a day full of winter activities. From outdoor turkey bowling to a snowman building contest, the event reminded people that there are a lot of things to love about winter. Kids laughed and smiled as they rolled and stacked snow to build their own unique snowman. One young girl even decided to use her hot chocolate cup as her snowman’s hat! The event also featured a winter petting farm and live ice carvings. Everyone stood in amazement as they watched an ice carver create a snowman and lion sculpture right in front of them.

The Street Team’s Krystle Anderson stopped to talk with Berkley’s Mayor, Phil O’Dwyer. “Berkley is a family friendly city”, he said. “You can see the amazing amount of youngsters that are here just celebrating the season of winter.”

Tom Colwell, Berkley’s Director of Parks and Recreation, was also happy to be a part of the event. “This is a great celebration of outdoor recreation in our community”, Colwell said.

Krystle also talked with a few of the families about what brought them out to the WinterFest. Mike Barry and his family were happy to get out of the house and enjoy being outdoors. “With all the frigid cold weather we’ve been having we thought it was a good day to get out of the house finally”, he said. “In Michigan you have to try and embrace what you get!”

After finishing building their snowman, Allison and Jude James talked with Krystle about all of the fun they were having at the event. When asked if they’ll come again next year, they both excitedly responded “Yes”!

WinterFest was a great way to enjoy the winter season and have fun in the snow!

Wanna watch other videos from the CW50 Street Team? Click here!


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