The CW50 Street Team heads down to YouthVille in Downtown Detroit for the Motor City Black Age of Comics, comic book convention. Street Teams members Jen and Krystle got a chance to meet many local artists. Many of the artist specialize in creating their very own characters, themes, and idea for original comic books. The main goal of the event is to showcase minority superheroes and characters doing amazing things. Lee Gaddis, one of the conventions coordinators, says “black people and people of color have been marginalized… we’re always secondary characters… this shows that in a community we can also be heroes.”

Founder and creator of the event Andre Butt says he was inspired to create this event from The New York Comic Con, The Motor City Comic Con, and other comic book based events. He felt that minority groups were underrepresented at these events and wanted to create an atmosphere to showcases and highlight minority artist and well as the characters they’ve created.

The Street Team had a wonderful time at this amazing event and was happy to share the works and experiences of the artists featured at the event. “This is the premier spot for talent in Detroit to showcase what we have in the form of cartooning, illustrating, all this artistic talent comes together at this one spot.”

Click here for more videos from the CW50 Street Team.


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