Here’s Where The Most, Least Expensive Gas Is In MichiganHere's where the most and lease expensive gas is in Michigan.
Detroit Police Board Vote To Raise Investigator's SalaryThe Detroit Board of Police Commissioners voted to temporarily raise the salary of its Interim Chief Investigator.
Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan Rejects National GuardAn offer to pass out food in Detroit by the Michigan National Guard was rejected by Mayor Mike Duggan.
Beaumont Wayne Hospital Closed To Be Used For Extra Covid-19 PatientsBeaumont Hospital in Wayne is being used as a reserve hospital for Covid-19 patients.
Detroit Native, 5-Year-Old, Skylar Herbert, First Child Dies From COVID-19COVID-19 has taken over 600 lives in the city of Detroit. Mothers, fathers, members of law enforcement, and now, a 5-year-old little girl. Skylar Herbert died Sunday at Beaumont Royal Hospital, diagnosed with COVID-19 in March, and had been on a ventilator for the past two weeks.
CW50 News at 10 for April 17, 2020CW50 News at 10 for April 17, 2020
Detroit Music Awards To Be Streamed Online SundayThe 29th annual ceremony honoring Detroit's home grown artists will be streamed on the event's website.
Pizza Hut To Donate 25,000 Pizzas, $500K To EducatorsCW50 NEWS DETNWSAnother pizza chain is stepping up to try and help with missed school lunches during the coronavirus outbreak. Pizza hut says it's donating a quarter of a million personal pan pizzas to educators.
IRS Explains Why Tax-Prep Customers Are Waiting On Stimulus ChecksMany people who used tax-prep services like TurboTax and H&R Block are still waiting on their stimulus checks.
Detroit PAL Uses ‘Six Degrees Of Separation’ Campaign To Check On Community Amid PandemicNormally at the Corner Ballpark there would be little league softball and soccer games taking place. Although those games have been pushed off for now, the Detroit Police Athletic League is still doing their part to help out the community.
Henry Ford Says Surgeries For Non-Coronavirus Patients Will Start To ResumeHenry Ford Health System says it will start resuming non-Covid-19 surgeries.
Ford Ventilators Expects To Produce 30,000 Ventilators By JulyFord Motor Company joins GE Healthcare agreeing to make 30,000 ventilators by July.
President Trump Says Governor's Can Decide When Their State OpensThe Trump Administration outlined a national plan for the U.S. to open back up Thursday.
DMC Places 480 Employees On Furlough To Save MoneyDetroit Medical Center is placing 480 employees on furlough to save money. Many hospital across the state are driving resources to coronavirus and emergency room cases only.
Stimulus Checks Crash Bank AppsBank tellers are essential workers during the pandemic and they were slammed Wednesday after 80 million stimulus checks were deposited in accounts.
F-35 Planes Going To Wisconsin After Trump Administration Considered Bringing Planes To Michigan AirbaseThe Trump Administration is deploying F-35 planes to a Wisconsin airbase, after talks of bringing the planes to Michigan.
Lansing Rally Makes National HeadlinesWednesday’s Operation Gridlock Rally in Lansing made national headlines. The rally, organized by the Michigan Conservative Coalition was attended by thousands.
Detroit Mayor Takes Aim At State's Reporting SystemDetroit Mayor Mike Duggan took aim at the state's reporting system Wednesday, saying sometimes the numbers recorded are actually from days before.
Gas Prices Near Record Low During PandemicDrivers are getting more bang for their buck at gas pumps all across the state.
University Of Michigan Says 22,000 Government Masks Are Unusable22,000 masks sent to the University of Michigan from the government won't be used. The school's medical department say the masks were not durable and have since stopped using them.
Michigan Schools Get Nearly $90M As Part Of GrantThere is some help on the way for Michigan schools. Secretary of Education Betsy Devos says Michigan will get almost $90 million for education as part of a block grant.
Here’s Why Education Experts Say Math Skills Could Decline 50 Percent, Reading 30 PercentAcross the country schools districts are reporting a decline in student online attendance.
Environmental Protection Agency Signs $3M Deal To Clean Detroit RiverThe Environmental Protection Agency signs a nearly $3 million deal to clean up the Detroit River.
Here’s How Michigan Court Hearings Proceed Amid CoronavirusOn an ordinary weekday after noon, the area in front of the 36th District Court downtown would be full of people. Although the building is shut down, defendants are still seeing their day in court.

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