Community Connect: Careers in the ArtsOn this week's Community connect, we learn what it is about Michigan that helps launch great creatives who are making an impact worldwide.
Community Connect: Detroit's GenerosityOn this week's Community Connect, we learn about Detroit's generosity and how we can help all those in need when we come together.
Community Connect: Veterans and CMAsOn this week's Community Connect, we honor the men and women who serve to defend our nation and hear from people making it their mission to support them.
Community Connect: A Love of SportsOn this week’s Community Connect, we learn about sports, a multi-million-dollar industry that was almost halted in its tracks. We get the play by play from insiders and a Lions legend on how the seasons will continue.
Community Connect: Voting in 2020On this week's Community Connect, mail it in, drop it off, or head to the polls this November 3rd. We learn about the 2020 voting process.
Community Connect: Halloween 2020On this week's Community Connect, trick-or-treating to paranormal investigation and all the scares in between. Join us as we see what's on and what's off for this spooky season.
Community Connect: Breast Cancer and Liver Cancer AwarenessOn this week’s Community Connect, we hear personal stories from those touched by Breast Cancer and Liver Cancer.
Community Connect: Life-Changing Connections between Dogs and PeopleOn this week’s Community Connect we explore the life changing connections between humans and their K9s counterparts.
Community Connect - Detroit Lifestyle BrandsOn this week's Community Connect, we catch up with Detroit lifestyle brands uniting the city.
Community Connect: Fall In MichiganOn this week's Community Connect, we close out summer with a 'Firework Girl' and get ready for all things Fall in Michigan.
Best of Community ConnectOn this week’s Community Connect, from the Governor to our studio Kitchen, we take a look back at some of our favorite guests.
Community Connect: EducationOn this week's Community Connect, we talk about education and hear about the roadmap for the upcoming academic year.
Community Connect: Detroit's Culinary CommunityOn this week's Community Connect, it's a dive into Detroit's Culinary Community as we hear how it has adapted to keep Detroit dining.
Community Connect: Artists of DetroitOn this week’s Community Connect, we talk with Detroit Artists who use their hometown roots to spread their creativity around the world.
Community Connect: Making A DifferenceOn this week's Community Connect we hear from people dedicated to making a difference in their community by empowering others.
Community Connect: Female InfluencersOn this week’s Community Connect, female influencers who have impacted their communities and established themselves as leaders in their careers, by believing in themselves and having the courage to chase their dreams.
Community Connect: Honor and ServeOn this week’s Community Connect, we meet legendary people that have fought and served our country and hear from people making it their mission to advocate for their future.
Community Connect: Detroit VoicesOn this week's Community Connect, we hear how music is the heart of Detroit. Hear from three Detroit voices using their music to make a positive impact on both social media and the music scene.
Community Connect: GraduationOn this week’s Community Connect, we hear the personal stories of graduates and the people who helped them wrap up the 2020 school year from home.
Community Connect: Detroit ProtestsOn this week’s Community Connect we talk about the protest. We hear from the strong forces within our community that are helping to lead the way as they share their stories and visions for the future.
Community Connect: Self-Care/AnimalsOn this week’s Community Connect, we are finally out of quarantine, but we hear from the self-care services that are still waiting to fully reopen.
Community Connect: Foster Care/VeteransProtecting our youth to protecting our country, we hear how Foster Care and Veteran systems have adapted services to ensure they get the support they need.
Community Connect: Getting Back to WorkDoors are reopening for Michigan. We hear from four local businesses on the impact of the shutdown and learn about their new safety measures moving forward.
Community Connect: Battling COVIDOn this week's Community Connect, Battling COVID to save lives; Chief James Craig and State Representative Karen Whitsett talk about their recovery and the life-changing hurdles it now presents.

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