Community Connect: Food TrucksOn this week's Community Connect – Enter the world of food trucks and explore what these traveling vendors are cooking up for Metro Detroiters this summer.
Community Connect: Celebrating AmericaWe're celebrating America! The land of the free. We learn about the American Dream and hear from the people that are helping to honor and celebrate all the freedoms of this cultural melting pot that we call the U-S-A.
Community Connect: Michigan's OutdoorsOn this week's Community Connect – Explore the Michigan's great outdoors from city parks to the upper peninsula.
Community Connect: JuneteenthOn this week’s Community Connect – June 19th 1866. A landmark day that happened over 150 years ago. But what do you really know about Juneteenth and what are others doing to celebrate and spread awareness?
Community Connect: African American Music MonthOn this week's Community Connect, We celebrate African American Music with artists and curators across several genres.
Community Connect: Pride and InclusionOn this week's Community Connect – We talk with LGBTQ+ Allys and leaders helping to continue the fight to spread awareness and equality.
Community Connect: Memorial DayOn this week's Community Connect - They fought for our freedom – We honor the fallen men, women and war dogs that defend our nation. Watch Saturday 7am on CW50
Community Connect: Breaking the CycleOn this week's Community Connect, we learn the real cholinic issues leading to poverty in the city of Detroit from the people who are helping to change the narrative and break the cycle.
Community Connect: Financial LiteracyOn this week's Community Connect, from dollars to cents – we get insight into financial literacy and cryptocurrencies of the future.
Community Connect: Mental Health and AthletesOn this week's Community Connect, 2-time Olympic Gold Medalist Apolo Ohno, two former Detroit Lions, and the father of a multi-sport star athlete share the stories of mental health journeys and what they believe can be done to help their fellow athletes.
Community Connect: Detroit MusicOn this week's Community Connect we learn what it is about Detroit that strikes a chord, producing some of the world's greatest music legends from the people living it.
Community Connect: Michigan Central Station and CorktownOn this week's Community Connect, we learn about Ford's mobility innovation district that is centered around Michigan Central station and what it means for one of the oldest neighborhoods in Detroit.
Community Connect: Urban RenewalOn this week’s Community Connect – From neighborhoods, to small businesses, to a strong workforce - How has Detroit become a model for Urban Renewal?
Community Connect: Honoring WomenOn this week's Community Connect we talk with the one and only Gayle King and fellow women who are breaking barriers for future generations.
Community Connect: The Future of Electric VehiclesOn this week’s Community Connect – Are electric cars the future or are they the cars of today? Car industry experts and executives share their insight into the growing popularity of all-electric vehicles.
Community Connect: Detroit's African American Culinary SceneOn this week's Community Connect we virtually visit three local kitchens to learn the heart behind some of their staple dishes that have been passed down from generation to generation.
Community Connect: Black InnovatorsOn this week's Community Connect we continue to celebrate Black History Month as we hear the personal stories of success from some of our Detroit Innovators.
Community Connect: Prominent Black LeadersOn this week's Community Connect we celebrate Black History Month and share parts of Detroit’s history you may not know about.
Community Connect: Detroit's Black History, Past and PresentOn this week's Community Connect we celebrate Black history month and share parts of Detroit’s history you may not have heard about before.
Community Connect: Foundations Making A DifferenceOn this week’s Community Connect... We hear from foundations that are helping the heart of our community.
Community Connect: Small BusinessOn this week's Community Connect we look at small business and the big hearts behind them that are keeping all areas of our community thriving.
Community Connect: Health and Wellness 2021On this week's Community Connect we look at personal wellness and learn how to take care of ourselves, our loved ones, and our surrounding environments.
Community Connect: Holiday GivingOn this week’s Community Connect we learn about the act of giving and how it isn’t just about how much we give- it’s about the impact it makes on each individual life.
Community Connect: Careers in the ArtsOn this week's Community connect, we learn what it is about Michigan that helps launch great creatives who are making an impact worldwide.

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