Community Connect Segments - Detroit Development FundOn this week’s Community Connect – From neighborhoods, to small businesses, to a strong workforce - How has Detroit become a model for Urban Renewal?
Community Connect Segments - Gayle KingOn this week's Community Connect, we talk with the one and only Gayle King about her journey through journalism.
Community Connect: The Future of Electric VehiclesOn this week’s Community Connect – Are electric cars the future or are they the cars of today? Car industry experts and executives share their insight into the growing popularity of all-electric vehicles.
Community Connect Segments - YumVillageOn this week's Community Connect, we go to YumVillage as Godwin Ihentuge teaches us how he blends his ingredients to create cross-cultural cuisine.
Community Connect Segments - Raphael Wright/Neighborhood GroceryRaphael Wright of the Neighborhood Grocery Store, explains how he is putting good food back into the neighborhood that is also creating a community crowdfunding platform that restores ownership, battles poverty and displacement.
Community Connect: Prominent Black LeadersOn this week's Community Connect we celebrate Black History Month and share parts of Detroit’s history you may not know about.
Community Connect Segment - Black Bottom ArchivesOn this week's Community Connect, we take a look at the Black Bottom Archives and how the history of this lost neighborhood impacts Detroit today.

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