The How-To: Is Your Computer Screen Really Aging You Or Is Blue-Light Skin Care A Scam? We Put Them To The Ultimate TestMara Schiavocampo and Dr. Oz discuss the damage blue-light can cause.
Dr. Oz Asks Crime And Intelligence Analyst, Mark Hofmann About Secret Bunker That Authorities Linked To Christian BruecknerDr. Oz asks German-based crime and intelligence analyst, Mark Hofmann about the secret bunker that authorities have linked to Christian Brueckner.
Elizabeth Smart Speaks Out On Gabby PetitoElizabeth Smart comments on how Gabby Petito’s family are feeling.
True Crime: Could A Newly Discovered Secret Compound Finally Hold The Key To Madeleine Mccann’s Disappearance?Nancy Grace tells Dr. Oz about the suspect in Madeleine McCann’s disappearance, Christian Brueckner.
Lawmaker Hammoud Elected Dearborn's 1st Arab American MayorMichigan state Rep. Abdullah Hammoud won the Dearborn mayoral race Tuesday, making him that city's first Arab American mayor.
The Top Natural Butt-Boosting Hacks Fashion expert Denise Caldwell reveals to Dr. Oz Hollywood’s secret to a curvy backside.
Dr. Oz Investigates The #1 Most Deadly Plastic Surgery In America: The Brazilian Butt LiftDr. Oz and plastic surgeon Arthur Perry discuss the dangerous things being used in butt enhancement procedures. 
2 More Michigan School Districts Dropping Indian MascotsTwo more Michigan school districts are dropping Indian nicknames and images. Katie Johnston reports.
True Crime: Dr. Oz Asks Nancy Grace Why The Unsolved Murder Of Jonbenet Ramsey Has Stuck Out In People’s MindsDr. Oz asks Nancy Grace why the unsolved murder of JonBenet Ramsey has stuck out in people’s minds.
True Crime: The Jonbenet Ramsey Investigation: Will Fresh Leads Be The Bombshell Breakthrough In Finding Her Killer?Dr. Oz and investigator John San Agustin discuss the significance of the suitcase found in the Ramsey home.
Anderson on Becoming A Parent Later In Life Anderson on Becoming A Parent Later In Life 
Anderson & Ross on Deep Conversations with Strangers Anderson & Ross on Deep Conversations with Strangers 
Anderson Reveals His Most Embarassing Madonna Moment Anderson Reveals His Most Embarassing Madonna Moment 
Anderson Cooper on Wyatt’s Handmade Halloween Batman Costume & His Love of CleaningAnderson Cooper on Wyatt’s Handmade Halloween Batman Costume & His Love of Cleaning
Tamron Hall Speaks Out On Life During Covid, Motherhood And Her New Passion ProjectTamron Hall tells Dr. Oz what changes she would like to see for female journalists.
I Died For 45 Minutes And Came Back To LifeDr. Oz speaks to the physician who resuscitated a woman after 45 minutes in cardiac arrest.
Medical Miracles: I Died For 45 Minutes And Came Back To LifeOne woman’s daughter tells Dr. Oz why she believes her mom survived when her heart stopped for 45 minutes.
Michigan Matters: EducationSenior Producer/Host Carol Cain talks with Dr. Ora Hirsch Pescovitz, president of Oakland University ,to hear how they are adjusting to the pandemic and more. Then Angelique Power talks about taking on the role of president/CEO of Skillman Foundation and helping young people in Detroit.
Drew & Ross From Every Decade Say GoodbyeDrew & Ross From Every Decade Say Goodbye
Drew on Her Real Life 90s “Melrose Place” Viewing Parties with Leonardo DiCaprioDrew on Her Real Life 90s “Melrose Place” Viewing Parties with Leonardo DiCaprio
Drew’s News: The Future Edition Year 2051Drew, Ross Mathews & the Drew Crew travel into the future to 2051 for a special edition of Drew’s News.
Drew and Ross Star in Their Very Own 1920s Silent FilmDrew’s taking viewers on a time-traveling trip through the decades on this extra special Halloween-themed show. Travel back in time to the 1920s, 1950s, 1980s and 1990s with Drew, Ross Mathews & the Drew Crew!
Economist At Brown University Emily Oster Shares Her Thoughts On Vaccinating Children. Economist at Brown University Emily Oster shares her thoughts on vaccinating children. 
Covid Vaccines Recommended For ChildrenDr. Paul Offit and Dr. Oz discuss the clinical trial data regarding the vaccine in children.

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