Ford is taking another hit to its normal operations due to the outbreak.

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Report: Robocalls On The Decline, Due To Social Distancing In Call CentersSome good news for consumers during the Covid-19 outbreak, robocalls are down!
Alcohol Sales Are Up During Covid-19The booze business is booming.
DDOT Provides Free Masks To PassengersDetroit’s Central Bus Terminal was filled with covered faces Thursday as people gathered at stops waiting to get on board.
Michigan Farmers Say The Coronavirus Pandemic Hurts Their BusinessDairy farmers across the state say they were struggling to stay afloat before but now business is uncertain.
TCF Center Becomes Field Hospital, First Covid-19 Patients Arrive FridayMichigan's first makeshift field hospital is ready to take in patients.
Coronavirus In Michigan Hits Prison PopulationCases of Covid-19 in Michigan is growing at an alarming rate. Many have asked about the prison population in the state and how they are dealing with the pandemic.
Detroit Mayor: Keep Practicing Social DistancingDetroit Mayor Mike Duggan says while numbers keep going up for both the city and state there is a sign things are improving.
Detroit Fire Department Dies From Complications Tied To COVID-19COVID-19 claims the lives of more people in the metro area this time including the Detroit Fire Department's captain.
First Forecast Weather April 9, 2020 (Tonight)Chilly and windy overnight.
Dr. Oz And Mara Schiavocampo Discuss How The Food Supply And Distribution Chain Is Being Disrupted By The Pandemic.With bare shelves in stores and “out of stock” or “delayed” notices online these days, many people are feeling shopping anxiety.  We investigate if the food supply chain will hold up during the quarantine and when you will finally get the household items you need.
Dr. Oz Asks Dr. Cardillo If Any Of His Patients Experienced Side Effects From Taking High Doses Of Zinc.Dr. Oz speaks to Dr. Anthony Cardillo, an ER specialist and CEO of Mend Urgent Care in Los Angeles about the zinc protocol he’s using with his patients.  Is using zinc reducing the number of days the patients are sick? 
ER Specialist Dr. Cardillo Explains Why He Believes Zinc Could Be Beneficial If Added To Coronavirus Drug Protocols.Dr. Oz speaks to Dr. Anthony Cardillo, an ER specialist and CEO of Mend Urgent Care in Los Angeles about the zinc protocol he’s using with his patients.
The Coronavirus Pandemic: Should Zinc Be Added To Treatment Protocols For COVID-19 Patients?ER specialist Dr. Cardillo tells Dr. Oz about the zinc protocol he’s using with some of his infected patients.
First Forecast Weather April 9, 2020 (Today)Wind, rain, and cooler temperatures for your Thursday.
This Detroit Automotive Shop Is Joining Efforts Against COVID-19An automotive upholstery shop in Detroit is joining the metro area's efforts against COVID-19, by switching up their production.
Report: Holiday Shopping Decline; Easter Shoppers Not Buying As Much Candy, ClothesAs millions stay home to avoid the spread of COVID-19, shoppers aren't as enthusiastic about holidays.
Grocery Stores Are Implementing New Rules To Enforce Social DistancingWalmart and Kroger are among the stores testing one way aisles amid the outbreak.
Coronavirus In Michigan: Alternative Medical Care Facility To Accommodate 1,000 BedsThe state of Michigan is expanding it’s COVID-19 response efforts by selecting a new facility to place patients who have fallen ill to the virus.
DDOT Is Distributing 20K Masks To Bus RidersRiders on the city's buses will receive free masks while supplies last.
Detroit Among Cities Hit Hardest By COVID-19Detroit is among the cities hit hardest by the coronavirus economic impact.
First Forecast Weather April 8, 2020 (Tonight)Rain moves in this evening.
April Morton Reporting Amid the Covid-19 PandemicI’m going into week 3 of working from home. As an MMJ, Multi-Media Journalist, I Report, Write, and Edit on my own.
Former CDC Director Dr. Tom Frieden Tells Dr. Oz The Next Step We Need To Take To Stop The Spread Of Coronavirus.Dr. Oz and former CDC director Dr. Tom Frieden explain what contact tracing is and how it can help stop the spread of coronavirus.
Dr. Oz And Famed Virus Hunter Dr. Ian Lipkin Analyze The Reasons Why More Men Seem To Be Dying From COVID-19 Than WomenDr. Ian Lipkin shares his insights about the hormonal difference between men and women and if he believes that contributes to the gender disparity.

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