Best Places For Poutine Near Detroit

July 1, 2014 1:02 PM

(credit: DAVID BOILY/AFP/Getty Images)

(credit: DAVID BOILY/AFP/Getty Images)

Learn more about five establishments in the Detroit area serving poutine, one of the most indulgent and satisfyingly savory Canadian dishes. Even the Detroit Tigers are getting in on it offering hotdogs topped with authentic poutine.

Our northern neighbors in Windsor and Canada in general love to combine french fries, cheese curds and beef gravy in a dish called poutine. Pronounced pu-tin, it originated in Quebec and spread throughout Canada and to a lesser extent, North America.

Green Dot Stables
2200 W Lafayette Blvd
Detroit, MI 48216
(313) 962-5588

Known for their inexpensive a la carte menu. They serve real food without a lot of frills including house made Kobe beef dogs and sliders. Le Poutine consists of non-traditional shoestring fries, curds and gravy. $3

The Pita Grill
2185 Wyandotte St W
Windsor, ON N9B 1K1
(519) 258-3814

Get your passport ready and head over to Windsor for the Canadian experience. Locals rave about the perfectly assembled poutine here. Layers of fries, cheese curds and perfect gravy in a styrofoam cup. It’s simple, but well-executed. Regular $6

Mercury Burger and Bar
2163 Michigan Ave
Detroit, MI 48216
(313) 964-5000

Near the huge abandoned Michigan Central Station that’s become an icon of Detroit’s decline is an inviting burger bar with poutine to die for. They’re also known for their inventive burgers. The poutine consists of hand cut fries that stay crunchy even in the gravy. $4 side or $6 to share

Brooklyn Street Local
1266 Michigan Ave
Detroit, MI 48226
(313) 262-6547

They offer a variety of poutines all consisting of hand-cut fries. Try the house specialty with caramelized onions and bacon, a vegan variety or a breakfast version with a sunny-side-up egg and bacon. $6 for basic, $8 for extra toppings

Mac Shack (Food Truck)
Rotates between Easter Market, Campus Martius and Wayne State

Beware, this poutine is un-traditional — topped with beef brisket gravy, cheese sauce and a fried egg. Follow them on Facebook or Twitter to get updates on their whereabouts. While you’re there — also try the dune climber (mac with capers, artichokes, onions) and the Amazeballs (deep-fried mac balls). Poutine $6

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