Street Beat: AgingThis week on Street Beat, host Rob Stone speaks with representatives from various organizations that help support us through the aging process physically, legally and mentally.
Street Beat: Education and Change in DetroitThis week on Street Beat, Amyre Makupson sits down with leaders and organizations that spend every day improving the state of Detroit education and school districts.
Street Beat: Election and ProcessesThis week on Street Beat, Rob Stone sits down with people in the political world to get all the information needed before the Midterm Elections on November 6th.
Street Beat: Breast Cancer AwarenessThis week on Street Beat, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and Lisa Germani sits down with different organizations and cancer survivors to discuss how they help those diagnosed recover as well as how they recovered from the cancer themselves.
Street Beat: Revitalization of Pontiac
Street Beat: Arts in Detroit
Street Beat: Crime Prevention & ‘Face The Truth’This week on “Street Beat,” our host Amyre Makupson interviews Judge Mary Chrzanowski, former Macomb County Circuit Judge and Drug Court Supervisor about her prolific legal career in Michigan.
Street Beat: Mentoring YouthThis Week’s Street Beat is all about mentoring our youth and how different people in Michigan become those mentors.
Street Beat: Suicide PreventionOn this week’s Street Beat, Rob Stone sits down with different organizations and professionals to discuss a growing topic across our nation.
Street Beat: Diversity Training In The WorkplaceOn this week’s StreetBeat, it’s Diversity Day. Amyre Makupson sits down with the Michigan Roundtable for Diversity and Inclusion to discuss diversity in the workplace and how their organization helps companies diversify through proper training sessions.
Street Beat: Events For a CauseThis week’s Street Beat highlights an array of individuals who serve a greater goal. From helping those diagnosed with down syndrome to those in hospice, it’s important to learn about the good that people do in our community.
Street Beat: Cancer SupportEvery year, over 12.7 million people are newly diagnosed with cancer. On this week’s Street Beat, Host Lisa Germani sits down with cancer survivors and those who seek to make the hard times easier to hear their experiences and how they championed above their diagnoses
Street Beat: Foster CareThe joy foster families can bring orphaned and disadvantaged kids is immeasurable.
Street Beat: Service Dogs and Elderly Pet Rescues
Street Beat: Living with AutismThis week, Street Beat talks with experts on Autism.