Street Beat: Service AnimalsOn this week’s “Street Beat,” host April Moss learns about the importance of Service Dogs and why they are truly man’s best friend.
Street Beat: Fostering YouthOn this week’s “Street Beat,” host Lisa Germani learns about the current state of Foster Care and hears from people dedicated to making a difference for the youth in Metro Detroit.
Street Beat: HalloweenOn this week’s Street Beat, host Lisa Germani helps us get into the fall spirit as she gets the scoop on this year's Halloween festivities.
Street Beat: Women Breaking BarriersOn this week’s Street Beat, Amyre Makupson talks to women breaking barriers in career fields that were once primarily dominated by men.
Street Beat: Car Companies Giving Back To CommunitiesOn this week’s “Street Beat”, Lisa Germani sits down with car companies to discuss how they give back to their communities through foundations and partnerships.
Street Beat: Motown 60th Anniversary WeekendOn this week’s very special edition of “Street Beat,” we honor 60 years of Berry Gordy’s Motown empire as Lisa Germani travels to Hitsville USA’s Studio A where it all began.
Street Beat: Down Syndrome AwarenessOn this week’s Street Beat, Lisa Germani helps to spread awareness for Down Syndrome that affects 1 in every 700 babies nationwide.
Street Beat: Suicide Prevention and Anti-BullyingOn this week’s Street Beat, Amyre Makupson helps to tackle two tough subjects: Suicide prevention and anti-bullying.
Street Beat: Autism AwarenessOn this week’s Street Beat, Amyre Makupson helps us to understand the Autism Spectrum and promote awareness.
Street Beat: Back-To-School 2019On this week’s Street Beat, April Moss gets us ready to head back to school with some tips and tricks to help us all prepare for the 2019 academic year.
Street Beat: Sickle CellOn this week’s Street Beat, Amyre Makupson helps to spread awareness about Sickle Cell Disease that is affecting over 100,000 people in the United States.