The Diner - Roswell, New MexicoAfter uncovering a surprising connection to their past, Michael and Isobel learn the painful truth about the night Tripp attacked their mothers.
Say It Ain’t So - Roswell, New MexicoDespite promising Liz that he’ll take things easy with his new heart, Max sets out to find Cameron after learning that she’s gone missing. 
Como La Flor - Roswell, New MexicoLiz is forced to revisit a painful part of her past when her mother Helena shows up at the diner unexpectedly.
Sex and Candy - Roswell, New MexicoMaria’s investigation into her mother’s disappearance leads her and Alex to the home of a mysterious bootmaker named Travis.
I’ll Stand By You - Roswell, New MexicoThe discovery of some complications with Max’s pod forces Liz, Michael and Isobel to confront the possibility that they may not be able to save him.
What If God Was One of Us? - Roswell, New MexicoOn the verge of a breakthrough in her quest to save Max, Liz turns to Kyle for one last favor that could potentially land him in hot water.
Good Mother - Roswell, New MexicoDetermined to regain control of her life in the aftermath of Noah’s death, Isobel makes a risky choice despite its potential consequences.
Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space - Roswell, New MexicoLiz is forced to put her latest experiment on hold after Rosa begins to struggle with her new life in Roswell.
Stay (I Missed You) - Roswell, New MexicoTorn between the heartache of Max’s sacrifice and the joy of Rosa’s resurrection, Liz suppresses her grief to focus on moving out of Roswell with Rosa.
Recovering the Satellites - Roswell, New MexicoMax and Michael find themselves at an impasse over how to deal with the 4th alien.
Creep - Roswell, New Mexico When a major revelation comes to light, Max, Michael, and Isobel clash over how to deal with the fallout.