Chapter Fifty-Seven: Survive the Night - RiverdaleAfter receiving mysterious invitations, Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Jughead band together to confront the evils of their past once and for all. 
Chapter Fifty-Six: The Dark Secret of Harvest House - RiverdaleVeronica turns to Mary and Archie for help after uncovering a secret that Hiram had been keeping from her. 
Chapter Fifty-Five: Prom Night - RiverdaleBetty takes matters into her own hands after learning some unsettling news about her father. 
Chapter Fifty-Four: Fear the Reaper - RiverdaleWhen Jellybean goes missing, Jughead, Gladys and FP follow a series of cryptic clues to get her home.
Chapter Fifty-Three: Jawbreaker - RiverdaleWhen a tainted batch of fizzle rocks makes its way through Riverdale, Jughead (Cole Sprouse) and FP (Skeet Ulrich) set out to find who’s responsible. 
Chapter Fifty-Two: The Master - RiverdaleAs Betty enlists Cheryl’s help to infiltrate The Farm, Archie and Veronica help an ally from his past. 
Chapter Fifty-One: BIG FUN - RiverdaleAs rehearsals for this year’s musical “Heathers: The Musical” get underway, Cheryl, as queen bee Heather Chandler, channels her own HBIC to deal with a recent fallout.
Chapter Fifty: American Dreams - RiverdaleAs Gladys prepares for FP’s 50th birthday party, Jughead questions his mom’s motives for returning to Riverdale.
Chapter Forty-Nine: Fire Walk With Me - RiverdaleBetty takes matters into her own hands when she learns that The Farm has set their sights on someone in her inner circle. 
Chapter Forty-Eight: Requiem for a Welterweight - RiverdaleAs Veronica attempts to steer Hiram away from the drug business, Gladys’ return to Riverdale throws a wrench into her plan.
Chapter Forty-Two: The Man In Black - RiverdaleFearful that he will be caught, Archie hits the road and ends up at a farm outside Riverdale, where he meets Laurie Lake.
Chapter Thirty-Nine: The Midnight Club - RiverdaleWhen Betty confronts Alice about Gryphons and Gargoyles, Alice has no choice but to come clean.
Chapter Forty-Seven: Bizarrodale - RiverdaleAmidst preparations for their upcoming wedding, Sierra and Tom receive an unsettling message, which forces “The Midnight Club” to reunite.
The CW Network Announced Renewal of Ten Shows For The 2019-2020The CW announced the return of ten of its shows.
Chapter Forty-Six: The Red Dahlia - RiverdaleAfter one of their own becomes the target of an unseen assailant, the gang works together to get to the bottom of Riverdale’s latest mystery.