Michigan Restricts Use Of Restraints On Teens In CourtsThe Michigan Supreme Court is restricting the use of handcuffs and other restraints on juveniles when they appear in court.
Michigan Supreme Court: Detroiters Can Vote On City ConstitutionThe Michigan Supreme Court cleared the way Thursday, July 29, for a vote next week on major changes to Detroit's constitution that critics claim could ruin the city's delicate finances.
Michigan Supreme Court Erases Conviction Of Man In Sex Offender Registry CaseThe Michigan Supreme Court threw out out the conviction of a man who was accused of failing to register under an old version of the state's sex offender registry.
Michigan Man Clears Hurdle For Pay Years After Wrongful ConvictionA man sent to prison for a drug crime has cleared a hurdle in a bid to get state compensation for a wrongful conviction in a case with unusual circumstances.
Panel Under Court Order OKs Effort To Kill Michigan Pandemic LawOn Tuesday a state board certified a petition drive to repeal a Michigan law that was used by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer to set major restrictions during the early months of the coronavirus pandemic.
Michigan Court Won't Extend Voting Redistricting DeadlineThe Michigan Supreme Court on Friday denied a request to extend the deadline for drawing new legislative and congressional maps despite a delay in census redistricting data.
Michigan Court Extends Compensation To Wrongly Convicted ManA man wrongly convicted of murder who received $1 million after serving roughly 25 years in prison is entitled to more money, the Michigan Supreme Court said Thursday.
Michigan Court Opens Door A Bit To More Slip-And-Fall CasesThe Michigan Supreme Court on Wednesday chipped away at a longstanding legal doctrine that makes it tough to win slip-and-fall lawsuits in the state.
Michigan Court Asked To Change Dates To Draw Political MapsA clash over the Michigan Constitution hit the state's highest court Monday as a commission that must draw seats for Congress and the Legislature asked for new deadlines to produce maps because of a delay in detailed census data.
Court Shows Interest In Lawsuit Over Death, Senior HousingThe Michigan Supreme Court is interested in the case of an 89-year-old woman who died a few weeks after she was found outside a senior independent living center in Oakland County.
McCormack Ahead In Court Race; Battle On For 2nd SeatChief Justice Bridget McCormack was leading the pack Wednesday in a seven-candidate race for two seats on the Michigan Supreme Court.