Court Blocks Drive For More Marijuana In Mount PleasantThe Michigan Court of Appeals has blocked an effort to increase the number of marijuana businesses to 10 from three in Mount Pleasant.
U.S. Customs Agents Seize More Than A Ton Of Pot From Canada In DetroitMore than a ton of marijuana has been seized by federal agents in Detroit.
Amazon Says It Won't Test Workers For MarijuanaAmazon has put its name in the ring as one of the largest companies in support of legal marijuana. 
Legacy Detroiters Have Until Friday To Submit Applications To Gain Edge In Marijuana License ProcessDetroiters have until Friday, March 12 to submit applications to be certified as a "Legacy Detroiter" in advance of the license application window opening on April 1.
The University of Michigan Research Found Vaping Marijuana Associated with More Lung DamageUniversity of Michigan researchers found vaping marijuana is associated with more symptoms of lung damage.
Court Rejects Restriction On Use Of Medical MarijuanaJudges can’t prevent people from using medical marijuana while on probation for a crime, the Michigan Court of Appeals said.
Michigan's Marijuana Industry Leaves People Of Color BehindThe first year of state-licensed recreational marijuana sales in Michigan saw $511 million of sales in recreational and $474 million in medical sales, generating over $100 million in tax revenue, but the state also found that the commercial marijuana industry drastically failed to attract minority business owners.
Detroit City Council Approves Law For Adult Use Marijuana ShopsThe new ordinance is expected to go into effect in January.
Mayor Duggan, Councilman Tate Announce Recreational Marijuana Ordinance
$20M Cannabis Facility To Open In Lake OrionA $20 million technical marijuana facility is being built in Lake Orion.
Michigan Marijuana Sales Booming Despite Coronavirus OutbreakIt's been nearly four months since recreational marijuana became legal in Michigan and pot shops say business is booming despite the pandemic.