GM Warns Some Bolt Owners To Park Outdoors Due To Fire RiskGeneral Motors is telling owners of some older Chevrolet Bolts to park them outdoors and not to charge them overnight because two of the electric cars caught fire after recall repairs were made.
GM To Build Mobility Design Center In Pasadena, CaliforniaGeneral Motors said Tuesday that it plans to spend more than $71 million to build a design center in Pasadena, California, that will focus on mobility ventures outside the scope of traditional vehicles.
GM Pickups Recalled 2nd Time For Engine Block Heater ProblemGeneral Motors is recalling more than 331,000 diesel pickup trucks in the U.S. for a second time because the engine block heater cords can short circuit and cause fires.
UAW-Represented Auto Workers Won't Need Masks If VaccinatedUnionized autoworkers in the U.S. who have been fully vaccinated against the novel coronavirus will no longer have to wear face masks at work.
GM Recalling 10,000 Chevy And GMC Vans Due To Fire RiskGeneral Motors is recalling more than 10,000 vans due to a fire risk. Here's everything to know.
Chief Engineer Jamie Brewer Leads The Way Into GM's Future Of Electric VehiclesJamie Brewer, Chief Engineer of the Cadillac Lyriq, joins April Moss on Community Connect to discuss her role in developing the Cadillac Lyriq and the significant strides women have made in the world of engineering over the last several years.
General Motors Aspires To Be Full-Electric By 2035, Makes 27 Billion Dollar Investment To Accelerate PlansKen Morris, VP of Autonomous and Electric Vehicle Programs at GM, joins Lisa Germani on Community Connect to discuss GMs multi-billion dollar investment in electrification, and what the future looks like for electric vehicles.
Auto Columnist Henry Payne Sheds Light on the Future of Electric Vehicles, Why Major Manufacturers Are Investing So HeavilyHenry Payne, Auto Columnist for The Detroit News, joins Lisa Germani on Community Connect to discuss his thoughts on why major manufacturers are investing so heavily in electric vehicles, and he addresses concerns that people may have with owning one.
GM Expects Electric Cars To Cost Same As Gas CarsGeneral Motors says it expects the price of its electric vehicles to be the same as gas-powered cars within five years.
GM Recalls 69,000 Chevy Bolts Due To Possible FireGM is recalling 69,000 Chevy Bolts after some reportedly caught fire.
GM Profits Post Huge Third Quarter Profits After Coronavirus ShutdownGeneral Motors is posting huge third-quarter numbers, pulling in $4 billion in profit over three months, after a short money-losing stretch as the spread of COVID-19 shut down all U.S. auto factories.