Michigan Gas Prices Drop 4 Cents, But Still 82 Cents Higher Than Last YearAccording to AAA Michigan, the price is also 23 cents less than this time last month. However, it is still 82 cents more than this time last year.
Michigan Gas Prices Continuing DownwardAccording to AAA, the average price for gas in the state dropped 7 cents to $3.25 per gallon -- 14 cents less than this time last month, but more than a dollar than this time last year.
Gas Prices In Michigan Slightly Decline Heading Into Thanksgiving, AAA SaysAccording to AAA, the prices across the state have dropped about 5 cents from last week, averaging about $3.35 a gallon.
Michigan's Gas Prices Slightly Drop After 2021 Record High, Report ShowsAlthough Michigan recently saw a rise in gas prices, there appears to be some relief.
AAA: Michigan's Gas Prices Rising, Hitting New 2021 HighAAA says supply and demand and skyrocketing crude oil prices are causing the increase at the pump.
Michigan Gas Prices Reach New 2021 High, Are Expected To Continue RisingMichiganders are paying more at the pump, and gas prices are only expected to continue rising.
Michigan Gas Prices Reach Highest Rate Since 2014Michiganders traveling by car can expect to pay more at the pump. 
Memorial Travel: Gas Prices Hit $3 For Metro-Detroit Drivers“The average in the state of Michigan the average is $2.95 a gallon and that’s actually up two cents compared to (Monday). So, in Metro-Detroit the price is actually $3.01 a gallon,” said AAA of Michigan Spokeswoman Adrienne Woodland.
Michigan Public Service Commission Says The State Won't Be Affected By Gas ShortageMichigan residents can expect gas prices to continue to increase but the state will not have a shortage of gas.  
AAA: Michigan's Average Gas Prices Rise To $2.95Drivers can expect a major hit to their pockets as the colonial pipeline breach continues. 
Drivers Are Paying More At The Pump Amid Covid-19 Drivers are paying more at the gas pump as coronavirus restrictions lift.
Michigan Gas Prices Are The Lowest They've Been In A DecadeDrivers are paying an average of $1.42 for unleaded gas per gallon.