AAA: Michigan's Average Gas Price Continues To Rise, 1 Cent Below NationalMichigan's average gas prices are continuing to see a rise this week, now 1 cent less than the national average on Thursday.
Michigan Gas Prices Hit New Record High Of $4.38According to AAA, the state's average regular gas price is 10 cents less than the national average of $4.48. The average price is 6 cents more than last week, 48 cents more than last month and $1.44 more than last year.
Michigan Gas Prices Rising, Hitting Record High In DetroitAccording to AAA, the current average for a gallon of regular is costing around four-dollars-and-37-cents. That's up 14 cents from a week ago.
AAA: Michigan Average Gas Price Reaches New Record High Tuesday At $4.34 A GallonAccording to AAA, the state record sits at $4.34 a gallon on Tuesday, which is two cents more than on Monday. Diesel sits at $5.25.
Modest-Income Buyers Being Priced Out Of New-Vehicle MarketTwo years after the pandemic tore through the economy, America’s auto market looks something like this: Prices are drastically up. Supply is drastically down. And gasoline costs drastically more.
Krispy Kreme To Sell A Dozen Doughnuts For Same Price As A Gallon Of GasKrispy Kreme wants to take the edge off higher gas prices by lowering doughnut prices.
AAA: Gas Prices Slightly Decline In MichiganAfter weeks of record-high gas prices, Michigan is seeing some decline.
Michigan's Average Gas Price Reaches State RecordGas prices are continuing to rise across the nation and in Michigan.
Police Warning Drivers To Protect Against Gas Thefts As Oil Prices SoarPolice in the U.S. and Canada are warning drivers to take extra steps to protect their vehicles from possible gas thefts as fuel prices surge at a pace not seen in over a decade.
Michigan's Average Gas Price Continues To Rise, Nearing State RecordAccording to AAA, the national average for a gallon of gas on Wednesday is $4.25. In Michigan, the state average is one penny less at $4.24 a gallon.
Metro Detroit Uber Driver Calls It Quits Over High Gas, Other CostsA Garden City uber driver who recently quit over high costs says he can’t see how those driving for a living will make it if gas prices continue to rise.
AAA: Gas Prices In Michigan Reach $4 A Gallon This WeekOfficials say prices at the pump have hit $4 a gallon in Michigan.
US Gas Prices Pennies Away From All-Time High; Michigan Increases To $4 A GallonGas prices continued to climb Monday, rising to just short of a record high. At their skyrocketing pace, the price per gallon record of $4.11 will probably be broken in just a day or two.
Average Gas Price In Michigan Slightly RisesThe average for regular gas is about $3.40 -- roughly 76 cents higher than the same time last year.
Michigan Gas Prices Rise This Week, More Than $1 From A Year AgoAfter seeing gas prices decline at the end of 2021, Michigan is seeing prices go back up this week.