A Little Father-Daughter Chat - DynastyWith Blake and Fallon’s new agreement in place, Fallon sets out to make sure everyone knows who’s the boss.
New Hopes, New Beginnings - DynastyWith her new position as self-appointed head of the family, Fallon finds that with power comes great responsibility, and they don’t always go as imagined – or wanted. 
Everybody Loves The Carringtons - DynastyJeff and Alexis create havoc during Fallon and Liam’s important interview which spurs a “brilliant idea” for Fallon. 
The Aftermath - DynastyFallon and Liam prepare for their next step, but as unforeseen obstacles get in the way, Fallon gets creative. 
Vows Are Still Sacred - DynastyIt’s Fallon and Liam’s wedding day and Blake sits her down for a father-daughter talk, but it is not fatherly wedding advice she was expecting, much to her disappointment. 
That Unfortunate Dinn - DynastyFallon and Liam plan their wedding, with some unsolicited input from Alexis, which leaves Fallon questioning if Alexis could be right. 
My Hangover’s Arrived - DynastyIn the season finale, it’s time for Fallon’s surprise Bachelorette Party and things go exactly as one would expect…in the world of Carrington. 
Robin Hood Rescues - DynastyAdam and Liam rush to the aid of Blake and Anders, and Sam gets a special visit from his hero Danny Trejo.
You Make Being a Priest Sound Like Something Bad - DynastyBlake gets closer to finalizing an important deal while Cristal’s big charity event approaches.
She Cancelled… - DynastyFallon’s world turns upside down when she becomes the internet’s new queen of mean and her relationship with Liam is tested.
Is the Next Surgery on the House? - DynastyFallon and Liam decide parenthood ain’t so bad and work to persuade Heidi to keep Connor close by.
Up A Tree - DynastyFallon offers to keep an eye on Connor while Liam follows a lead on his baby mama.
That Wicked Stepmother - DynastyAs Blake and Alexis continue to vie for the loyalty of Fallon and Adam, Cristal finds herself resorting to drastic measures to carry out her plans. 
You See Most Things in Terms of Black & White - DynastyIn a unique episode, Blake and Cristal contend with their new house guest, while Adam seeks help from Alexis and Colby.
Battle Lines - DynastyBlake finds himself all alone in the mansion, while Fallon’s search for her new abode brings out her competitive side.