Stars Make You Smile - DynastyFallon remains hyper-focused on Fallon Unlimited, but realizes she needs some time with Liam.
The British Are Coming - DynastyBlake makes a life-changing announcement, in more than one way. 
She Lives in a Showplace Penthouse - DynastyWith Fallon occupied by her business ventures, Liam is left feeling neglected and Fallon and Alexis are at odds once again.
But I Don’t Need Therapy - DynastyDominique is disappointed in the sales for her new business and Jeff advises her to remain patient, but Dom has other plans.
Go Rescue Someone Else - DynastyFallon confides in Anders that she is worked that she hasn’t heard from Liam as it’s unlike him to not come home.
Everything but Facing Reality - DynastyDominique plans to launch her new fashion line as she and Alexis once again vie for the same thing, with nothing going as planned for either of them.
A Public Forum for Her Lies - DynastyA Fallon prepares for her impending IPO, she reluctantly turns to Blake for help. 
I Hate to Spoil Your Memories - DynastyAs Fallon prepares for the Fallon Unlimited IPO, she and Liam make some startling discoveries and call in the one person who can help – Jeff.
Equal Justice for the Rich - DynastyFallon and Blake brainstorm ideas for the Fallon Unlimited IPO which leads to a meeting with Corinne Simon, an SEC officer, and a figure from Liam’s past.
Your Sick and Self-Serving Vendetta - DynastyAs Fallon continues to work on expanding Fallon Unlimited, she crosses paths with an old college friend, who is more than what he seems.
The Birthday Party - DynastyBlake warns Fallon about mixing marriage and business.