One Year After Approval, Proposal N Reaching Detroit NeighborhoodsAnother step is being made toward helping the City of Detroit be safe.
Life Remodeled Honors Community Members, Leaders Within Durfee Innovation SocietyChris Lambert, Founder of Life Remodeled, joins Lisa Germani on Community Connect to talk about his work at the Durfee Innovation Society, and why they're honoring community members with a new billboard campaign.
GM To Invest $50M In Detroit Education, Jobs, NeighborhoodsGeneral Motors Corp. plans to invest $50 million by 2025 to help improve access to education in Detroit, employment opportunities, and city neighborhoods.
Uncovering the Stories Within Neighborhoods with Detroit's Chief StorytellerEric Thomas, Chief Storyteller of Detroit, joins Jackie Paige on Community Connect, to talk about telling the stories of Detroit's neighborhoods and what the city has been doing to highlight its residence and their stories.
A Look Inside The Revitalization of Detroit with the City's Housing, Planning and Development TeamDonald Rencher, Group Executive of Housing, Planning and Development for the City of Detroit, joins Community Connect host Jackie Paige to discuss how Detroit has become a model for urban renewal, and what how the city engages its residence to plan future projects.
Detroit Alley Clean-Up Effort Supported By Community LeadersAlleys were created to be a path to backyards and garages but thousands of them are no longer walkable and blocked with junk and debris but now the city is stepping in to clear-out and clean-up.
Detroit Mayor Says ‘Yes’ To Proposal N, Community Advocates Say ‘No’Proposal N is about Detroit neighborhoods and cleaning up the eyesore driving property values down in the city. But some community advocates are calling on Detroiters to vote no on the $250 million bond proposal while telling city officials to go back to the drawing board on a new demolition plan.