Fail-Safe - DC's Legends of TomorrowAfter some of the Legends are captured and thrown into a Russian gulag during the height of the Cold War of 1986, Snart leads the team in an elaborate escape plan to free their comrades.
White Knights - DC’S Legends of TomorrowWhen Vandal Savage retreats behind the Iron Curtain in the early 1980s, a string of nuclear scientists begins to mysteriously disappear.
Blood Ties - DC's Legends of TomorrowRip decides to weaken Vandal Savage by going after his financial assets. Rip and Sara infiltrate Savage’s bank, but are discovered by his men.
The Cast Of 'The Flash' Can Sing Something FierceCheck out a few samples of "The Flash" cast serenading, belting it out, crooning and generally hitting all the right notes.
Destiny - DC’S Legends of TomorrowBeing in the vicinity of the Time Masters leaves Rip and Rory incredibly disturbed for very different reasons.
Leviathan - DC'S Legends of TomorrowRip takes the team to London in the year 2166, three months before his family is killed.
Last Refuge - DC's Legends of TomorrowThe team is targeted by The Pilgrim, a deadly assassin who wants to erase the Legends from the timeline by killing their younger, non-superhero selves.
The Magnificent Eight - DC's Legends of TomorrowWhen the team needs a place to hide out, Rip sets a course for the Old West.
Progeny - DC’S Legends of TomorrowRip tells the team they are headed to the future to take out a powerful ally that Savage needs in order to conquer the world.
Left Behind - DC's Legends of TomorrowRay, Sara and Kendra are shocked after they watch the Waverider fly off without them, leaving them stranded in the ‘50s.
Night of the Hawk - DC’S Legends of TomorrowThe team tracks Savage to a small town in Oregon during the 1950s.
Marooned - DC’S Legends of TomorrowAfter receiving a distress call from another timeship stranded in space, Rip decides to answer the call in order to use the other ship’s computer to track Savage.
DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: Their Time Is NowTHE ORIGINS OF THE “LEGENDS – An in-depth look at the origin stories of the heroes and villains of the highly-anticipated new series, DC’S LEGENDS OF TOMORROW.
DC Films Presents: Dawn of the Justice LeagueDAWN OF THE JUSTICE LEAGUE invites viewers behind the scenes of the exciting new movies coming out of the DC Films universe, culminating in the thrilling world premiere of the all-new trailer for “Suicide Squad.”
Pilot - DC’S Legends of TomorrowIn the year 2166, the immortal villain Vandal Savage is on the verge of his final victory – total chaos and the utter destruction of humanity.