Attorney General Dana Nessel To Investigate Nursing Home Facility Abuse, NeglectA team of agents appointed by Michigan’s Attorney General Dana Nessel will make unannounced visits to nursing homes.
Michigan’s New Expungement Laws Offer Second Chance According to the Michigan attorney general, as many as 1 million people could be eligible for expungement under the new laws.
AG Nessel: No Charges Filed In Unlock Michigan InvestigationNine people were investigated by Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel's office, but no charges have been filed.
AG Nessel Warns Michigan Residents Of 'Smishing' Text Message ScamsMichigan Attorney General Dana Nessel is warning Michigan residents to look out for text message scams, known as “smishing.”
Michigan Restaurant Owner Defying Virus Orders Is ArrestedA Michigan woman who has defied coronavirus restrictions while operating her restaurant was stopped in her car and arrested before dawn Friday.
AG Nessel Declines GOP Request To Probe Nursing Home DeathsMichigan Attorney General Dana Nessel declined Republicans’ request to investigate whether nursing home orders issued by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer led to COVID-19 deaths or if related data is inaccurate.
AG Nessel Brings Awareness To Continuing COVID Relief Programs, Warns Of Potential New ScamsThe Attorney General also warns that these relief programs may motivate bad actors to think of new ways to attempt to steal personal information and money.  
Keep Michigan Safe Calls For Halt In Review Of Unlock Michigan SignaturesA group organized with the intention of protecting the executive powers of Michigan's governor during a public emergency has called for a halt in reviewing signatures gathering by a group hoping to take away those powers.
Texas AG Sues Michigan, 3 Other States Alleging Voter FraudMichigan's Attorney General has responded to a voter fraud lawsuit by the Attorney General of Texas.
AG Nessel: Michigan's Elections Have Been Fair And Transparent, It Is Time To Set The Politics AsideMichigan's Attorney General is pushing back against a Republican le\d subpoena against the State's Bureau of Elections.
FBI Investigating Robocalls Spreading Misinformation To Michigan ResidentsThe FBI is now investigating reports of possible voter suppression.