Unburied - CoronerWhen a real estate agent is found dead at a bus stop, Jenny, Detective McAvoy, and Malik are led to the home of an old man and his wife. 
CRISPR SISTR - CoronerWhen Jenny and Donovan investigate the death of a lab technician, Jenny’s personal interest in the lab’s research risks getting in the way of the case.
Borders - CoronerJenny is called when the body of a man is found in the middle of a country road with few clues as to how it got there.
Fire - CoronerIn the season two premiere, Jenny investigates a devastating fire in a low-income apartment building and connects with a woman who has lost everything. 
Bridges - CoronerIn the season one finale, a death hits close to home for the team. 
The Suburbs - CoronerIn the first of another two-part episode, a victim causes a building lockdown and Jenny is forced to team up with a former colleague.
Confetti Heart - CoronerAfter opening several inquests, Jenny is stumped by one particularly troubling case which she quickly realizes is very personal for Detective McAvoy.
All’s Well - CoronerJenny and Ross host Thanksgiving at home with Jenny’s dad Gordon and her mother-in-law, along with her co-worker Alison and best friend Sabina.
Quick or Dead - CoronerIn the second half of a two-part episode, Jenny is on the trail of a killer who is leaving a bloody trail of rampage across the city.
Scattered - CoronerIn the first of a 2-parter, Jenny investigates a dismembered body that is found in Crother’s Woods.
Bunny - CoronerWhen Jenny is called to a luxe condo to investigate the death of a cannabis mogul, she enters an alternate world where nothing is as it seems.