Scorched Earth - Burden of TruthWith an end of the day deadline looming for charges in her criminal case, Joanna and her legal team must work quickly to clear her name, as her role in the past conspiracy becomes uncomfortably clear.
From Out the Gloomy Rack - Burden of TruthJoanna and Billy are blindsided when Joanna is the target of a mysterious criminal investigation.
Breaking Points - Burden of TruthJoanna searches for her client’s long-lost daughter to protect her client’s legal interests and keep the case alive.
River City - Burden of TruthThe Oro North mining project has divided opinion in Millwood, but Joanna Chang has firmly chosen a side.
Shelter From the Storm - Burden of TruthWith the trial against ClearDawn labs fast approaching, Joanna and Billy are busy preparing their witnesses and finalizing the evidence.
Name Your Ghosts - Burden Of TruthJoanna and Billy have to shift gears when their case takes an unexpected turn.
It Takes a Village - Burden Of TruthIn an attempt to strengthen Kodie’s case, Joanna considers a Class Action lawsuit.
Crisis of Faith - Burden Of TruthJoanna and Billy question the unusually high number of child apprehensions in Millwood and suspect something troubling is happening inside Millwood Family Services.
Desperate Measures - Burden of TruthKodie makes a bold move regarding her children. 
No Fathers Or Sons - Burden of TruthBilly’s unexpected encounter with his estranged father is tense. 
Wherever You Go - Burden of TruthJoanna and Billy decide to stay in Millwood to help Kodie.