Tha Crossroads - All AmericanWith Spencer in bad shape, Grace, Billy, Laura, Olivia and Layla rush to his side.
Protect Ya Neck - All AmericanWith Tyrone back on the streets, Spencer is being a little overly protective of Coop and Laura and finds himself in uncharted territory. 
One of Them Nights - All AmericanDillon is mad that Spencer hasn’t been around, so Spencer tries to make it up to him by having him help sell tickets for Coop’s show, but they find themselves confronted by the police instead.
Life Goes On - All AmericanWith everything going on Spencer can’t get excited about his football ranking and gets some guidance from Layla, who in turn realizes it might not be the best advice for anyone, including her.
Coming Home - All AmericanWith Spencer, Grace, Dillon and Darnell reeling from the news about why Corey may have left, they set out on a mission to find him.
Hard Knock Life - All AmericanAn exhibition 7-on-7 rematch of the Beverly Eagles vs. South Crenshaw creates tension for all the players, but especially when Darnell proposes a bet that Spencer can’t refuse.
Bring The Pain - All AmericanAfter Spencer and Olivia’s efforts to try to get help for Layla blow up in their faces, Layla pretends that everything is fine by throwing a birthday party for Olivia and Jordan.
Hussle & Motivate - All AmericanAfter winning the state championship, Spencer James faces a difficult decision that could transform his reputation.
They Reminisce Over You - All AmericanWhen Spencer tries to talk to Layla about what is going on, things don’t work out quite as he hoped.
Never No More - All AmericanSpencer gives his Dad an ultimatum about his new player, but after talking to Jordan, Spencer has a better understanding of what is really bothering him. 
Speak Ya Clout - All AmericanWith Spencer torn about where to play football, he is taken aback to learn who his Dad has added to the team.