Judge Greg Mathis To Build New Community Center, Affordable Housing On Detroit's WestsideDetroit's Judge Greg Mathis announces he will tear down his 20 year old community center and build a new 7,000 sq ft one in its place, also adding affordable housing. Both located on Greenfield and 7mile
Creating A Safe Space For Young LGBTQ People Living In Poverty At the Ruth Ellis CenterJerry Peterson, Executive Director of the Ruth Ellis Center, joins Jackie Paige on Community Connect to discuss the origins of the Ruth Ellis Center, its hopes for expanding its reach in the near future, and the need to find help for young members of the LGBTQ community.
HUD Awards City Of Detroit $30 Million 'Choice Neighborhood' Grant For New Affordable Housing Development In CorktownDetroit selected for highly competitive $30M HUD grant to help bring 500 affordable housing units to Corktown area
Effects of Ford's Central Station Development Project Being Felt By Corktown Residents, Both Positive and NegativeSheila Cockrel, Chair of Ford Michigan Central Development Neighborhood Advisory Council and longtime Corktown resident, joins Jackie Paige on Community Connect to discuss the engagement taking place between Ford and residents of Corktown in order to ensure that the wants and needs, in regards to development, are being met.
Gardner White Teams With Lighthouse To Donate Furniture To Affordable Housing Community CenterGardner- White donates all the furinture to the community center for the newly constructed Coolidge Place affordable housing complex.