Michigan's Gas Prices Decrease For First Time In Weeks, Still Above $5 A GallonThe state of Michigan, for the first time in weeks, saw a decrease in gas prices.
Analyst: Michigan Gas Prices To Drop Below $5 This WeekendAlthough Michigan gas prices have reached $5, Patrick De Haan of GasBuddy says they may soon fall below that.
Michigan's Gas Prices Reach $5, Hitting New Record MondayAccording to AAA, the state's average gas price is $5.05 a gallon for regular gas, nearly 20 cents over the national average of $4.86. The state average is also $2 more than last year and 74 cents more than last month.
AAA: Michigan's Gas Prices Nearing $5 A GallonAccording to AAA, the state's average price hit an all-time high of $4.93 on Friday, which is nearly 20 cents more than the national average of $4.76.
Average Gas Prices In Metro Detroit Rise To New RecordGas prices in Metro Detroit reached a new high after experiencing an increase over Memorial Day weekend, according to AAA.
Michigan Gas Prices Increase 19 Cents Ahead Of Memorial DayAccording to AAA, the average gas price has risen 19 cents from last week. The average price for a gallon of gas in the state sits at $4.56 as of Monday.
AAA: Michigan's Average Gas Price Continues To Rise, 1 Cent Below NationalMichigan's average gas prices are continuing to see a rise this week, now 1 cent less than the national average on Thursday.
Michigan Gas Prices Hit New Record High Of $4.38According to AAA, the state's average regular gas price is 10 cents less than the national average of $4.48. The average price is 6 cents more than last week, 48 cents more than last month and $1.44 more than last year.
AAA: Michigan Average Gas Price Reaches New Record High Tuesday At $4.34 A GallonAccording to AAA, the state record sits at $4.34 a gallon on Tuesday, which is two cents more than on Monday. Diesel sits at $5.25.
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Michigan Gas Prices Drop Below $4 For First Time In 5 Weeks, AAA SaysAfter weeks of record-high gas prices, Michiganders are seeing prices drop below $4 in Metro Detroit.