(CBS DETROIT) – The Michigan Department of Transportation released a list of construction happening in the Metro Detroit area this weekend.


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Auburn Road:

Oakland – EB Auburn Rd, Crooks to Livernois, 1 LANE OPEN daily, Mon-Fri 9am-3pm.


Grand River:

Oakland – NB/SB Grand River Ave CLOSED, Gill Rd to Orchard Lake, Sat 5am-1pm.


Oakland – NB/SB I-75, Saginaw Rd to I-475, 2 LANES OPEN daily, 7am-2pm, Mon-Sun.

Oakland – NB I-75, 11 Mile to 13 Mile, 1 LANE OPEN, Sat 5am-Sun 5pm.

Wayne – NB/SB I-75, I-94 to McNichols, 1 LANE OPEN, Fri 9pm-Mon 5am.

Wayne – SB I-75/Gratiot Conn CLOSED, I-375 to M-10/Lodge, Fri 8pm-Mon 5am.

Wayne – SB I-75 RAMP CLOSED to SB I-75/Fisher, Fri 8pm-Mon 5am.

Wayne – SB I-75 RAMP CLOSED to I-75/Gratiot Conn, Fri 8pm-Mon 5am.

Wayne – EB Mack Ave RAMP CLOSED to SB I-75, Fri 8pm-Mon 5am.

Wayne – SB I-75 RAMP CLOSED to NB M-10, Sat 7am-9am.

Wayne – SB I-75 RAMP OPEN to WB I-94, Fri 8pm-Mon 5am.

Wayne – NB I-75, M-39/Southfield to Outer Dr, 1 LANE OPEN, Fri 9AM-Mon 5am.

Wayne – NB I-75, Northline to Dix, 1 LANE OPEN, Mon 9am-mid-August. (Use M-85/Fort as detour.)

Wayne – NB/SB I-75 at M-85/Fort, 1 LANE OPEN, moving lane closures, Mon-Tue 9pm-5am.



Wayne – EB I-94, French to Conner, 1 LANE OPEN, Sat-Sun 7am-7pm.

Wayne – WB I-94 RAMP CLOSED to M-10, Mon 7am- mid-Sept.

Wayne – WB I-94 ramp to NB Merriman, 1 ramp lane open, Mon 8:30am-3:30pm.



Wayne – NB/SB I-275, Eureka to 6 Mile, 1 LANE OPEN nightly, Sun 7pm-late July.

Wayne – SB I-275 RAMP CLOSED to M-153/Ford Rd, Mon 5am-late August.



Wayne – NB I-375 RAMP CLOSED to SB I-75, Fri 8pm-Mon 5am.


M-1: (Woodward)

Oakland – NB M-1, I-696 to 14 Mile, 2 LANES OPEN, moving right lane closed, daily 9am-3pm, Mon-Sun.

Oakland – NB M-1 at Opdyke, 3 lanes open, right closed, Mon 8am-late July.

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Oakland – NB M-1, State Fair to Marshall, 2 LANES OPEN, daily 8am-4pm, Mon-late July.


M-3: (Gratiot Ave)

Macomb – NB M-3, Common to 14 Mile, 1 LANE OPEN nightly, Mon 8pm-Sat 6am.



Wayne – SB M-10, Forest to I-75, 2 LANES OPEN, Fri 9am-11am.

Wayne – SB M-10, US-12/Michigan to M-5/Grand River, 2 LANES OPEN, Fri 11am-3pm.

Wayne – NB M-10, US-12/Michigan to M-5/Grand River, 1-2 lanes open, Sat 7am-11:30am.

Wayne – SB M-10, Warren to M-5/Grand River, 1-2 LANES OPEN, Sat 9am-1:30pm.

Wayne – NB M-10, Forest Ave to I-94, 2 LANES OPEN, Mon 9am-8/5/22.

Wayne – NB M-10 RAMP CLOSED to WB I-94, Mon 7am-9/9/22.



Wayne – WB 96/M14, Newburgh to Sheldon, 1 LANE OPEN, thru Mon 5am.



Macomb – EB/WB M-29, I-94 to Sass Rd, 1 LANE OPEN, Sat-Sun 6am-7pm.


M-53: (Van Dyke)

Macomb – NB/SB M-53, 12 Mile to 13 Mile, 3 lanes open, moving right lane closure daily 9am-3pm, Mon-7/24/22.


Oakland – WB M-59, State to US-24/Telegraph, 2 lanes open thru late July.

Oakland – EB M-59, Voorheis to Telegraph, 1 LANE OPEN, 1 closed intermittently, Fri 7am-4pm.

Oakland – EB/WB M-59, I-75 to Adams, 1 LANE OPEN, Sat 7am-5pm.

Oakland -EB M-59 RAMP CLOSED to NB Squirrel, Sat 7am-5pm AND Mon 7am-mid August.

Oakland – NB/SB Squirrel Rd over M-59, 1 lane open, Mon 7am-mid August.



Oakland – NB M-150, Avon to Walton, 2nd St to South St, 1 LANE OPEN, Fri 9am-3pm.


US-24: (Telegraph)

Oakland – US-24, 10 Mile to US-10, 1-2 LANES OPEN, thru 7/22.


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