(CBS DETROIT) — The deadly holiday violence began with a man just trying to do his job.

A Door Dash driver was caught in a crossfire Saturday night on Bagley Street in Detroit.

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“Three people were inside a vehicle when they saw a man in a black ski mask starting towards them and then started shooting from one of the vehicles or at one of the vehicles,” said Detroit Police Chief James White.

“A male, a Door Dash employee was making a delivery and sadly, he was fatally shot.”

Just before midnight on Saturday on the city’s west side, a routine traffic stop turned into a crime scene when police found a body in the trunk.

“The driver nor passenger had identification and the vehicle was not properly registered and in doing so, the officers made the decision to impound the vehicle and do what’s called an inventory search, which is when you go through the vehicle and inventory all items located in the vehicle,” White explained.

“At which time both the passenger and the driver became uncomfortable and attempted to flee from the vehicle.”

Around 3:30 a.m. Sunday, shots were fired into a crowd in Cadillac Square.

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One person was injured, and another was killed.

“Two groups were walking in the area,” White said.

“One group was rather loud and joshing around with each other. The other group thought that they were somehow aiming their comments at them. An argument ensued and inexplicably guns were pulled.”

One person is in custody.

White says the senseless gun violence is frustrating but the department remains steadfast.

We’re going to make sure that those who victimize our community, those who are pulling triggers in our community are taken into custody and taken before the judicial process  and getting them off the streets,” he said.

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