Southfield (CW50) – The Caribbean Community Service Center was founded in June 2017 in order to provide a beneficial, welcoming, and inclusive environment to Caribbean Nationals as they adapt to life in the United States.

The service center provides resources in several areas of life, including community services, professional development, sports, arts & culture, education development and community advocacy. Arrivals from the Caribbean Region are provided with the basic living necessities to settle in the U.S. and continue to grow in a new country. It is important to the service center that Caribbean Nationals have the tools necessary to integrate without assimilating into the U.S. society. The importance of having a sense of belonging in a community is crucial to immigrants acclimating to the U.S. and the service center is dedicated to creating an inclusive and diverse community where everyone can feel like they belong.

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Community Connect Host Lisa Germani, with Sophia Chue, Executive Director of the Caribbean Community Service Center

Sophia Chue, Executive Director of the Caribbean Community Service Center, joins Lisa Germani on Community Connect to discuss the service center’s mission to provide Caribbean Nationals with resources to integrate into the U.S. and provide a community for them where they feel welcome.

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Chue also discussed her own story of coming to the U.S. from Jamaica, and her introduction to Detroit’s Caribbean community.

The service center provides several events throughout the year to bring communities together to celebrate the various cultures and heritages that make up the Caribbean Regions.

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