(CBS DETROIT)- Holiday travel is up this year, according to a survey by cars.com.

The study shows all modes of transportation are taking an 8% hike this weekend compared to this time last year, but 82% of travelers will be hitting the road to get to their destination.

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“In Michigan, I will say this, that $4.56 a gallon average is actually down about two pennies compared to a record price we set last week of $4.58 a gallon,” said AAA Michigan spokesperson Adrienne Woodland.

“So some places in Michigan we’ve seen the prices go down. Unfortunately, here in Metro Detroit, prices are still some of the highest in the state.”

Woodland says analysts despite gas inflation, one out of nine Michiganders will be taking road trips this Memorial Weekend.

“In the state of Michigan, we’re predicting that more than 1.1 million Michiganders will travel this Memorial Day weekend,” Woodland said.

“And more than one million of those will be hitting the roadways.”

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Woodland says families are feeling a bit safer and ready to travel this year after covid cases took a dive.

“Michigan residents and folks across the country have a lot of pinned up energy and there’s this pinned up demand for travel after the two years in the pandemic,” Woodland said.

“Folks are more comfortable traveling now and despite the higher gas prices and other inflationary pressures, folks are still going to travel and they’re just going to find ways to save money in other ways so they may stay at a less expensive hotel and they may spend less on shopping, dining out and entertainment while they’re on their trip.”

AAA also shows a record high for gasoline, due to the demand for crude oil.

“Nationally we’re expecting 34 million Americans to hit the roadway this weekend, so there’s definitely an uptick in demand for gasoline,” Woodland explained.

“So that coupled with tighter supplies and then you mix in crude oil prices that are trading well above $100 a barrel, that gives you the higher prices that we are currently seeing.”

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