It’s that time of year…. Spring showers. Here at Brightmoor Flower Farm, there’s a lot of hard work, dedication and weather that goes into growing the flowers. Temperature… moisture content… wind… we can’t control the weather, but there are ways to help the flowers thrive.

Lisa Rivera – Brightmoor Flower Farm says, “I feel like everything gets a good start in the Spring with the wet conditions that by summer it just establishes a very healthy vibrant bloom.”

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But before we can get to the vibrant colors, the flowers need the right amount of sunlight and water.

“They all are definitely going to need some sun and rain. I would say the annuals are mostly all full sun. They really need a good rain to get established to get a good root system going. But as far as just growing throughout the summer they really just thrive with the hot sunny temperatures.” Lisa replies.

During the growing seasons, flower farmers learn to adjust to our Michigan weather.

“Once plants kind of get tired out mid-August to the end of August, and then you can just pull them and then there are plants which are more cold-hardy that you can start planting and then you can maybe get a second flush of flowers on the cold-hardy perennials in the Fall then too, when the temperatures start to cool-off.” Adds Lisa.

Depending on the flower type, the plants mature differently in various climates.

Lisa says, “It’s interesting the more I’ve grown too the more I’ve seen certain flowers kind of shine almost when the cooler temperatures come in.”

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There are many other components to growing beautiful flowers.

“The good thing about cut flowers too, is like the more you cut them that the more they will grow then. So one bloom cut will just branch out and create many more blooms for cutting. So just having consistent weather is important for that aspect of growing cut flowers being able to just continuously cycle through the plants then.” Says Lisa.

Despite certain challenges, like the constantly changing weather forecast, this is a passion.

Lisa tells us, “I’m always learning something new every year from the plants and I think that’s what keeps me wanting to do it. It’s never going to be the same. It’s never going to be the same weather pattern year to year.”

Constantly monitoring the weather is so important to make her flowers thrive. Whether that’s for U-Pick flowers, bouquet flowers, or anything else Brightmoor Flower Farm has to offer.

“It’s just really trying to get people engaged with not only the flowers and nature, but also just being in Detroit and seeing that there is this beauty that exists in Detroit.” Adds Lisa.

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So when our Michigan weather turns, this flower farm manages. I’m Meteorologist Kylee Miller.