DES MOINES, Iowa (KCCI) – Many families in Iowa and around the country are having a hard time finding baby formula.

There have been multiple reports of empty shelves, specifically for brands that were pulled over the massive recall in February.

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Multiple babies got a rare and serious bacterial infection after eating formula from Abbott Nutrition’s plant in Michigan. Two babies died.

On Friday, new information showed a whistleblower complained to the Food and Drug Administration about safety concerns at that plant in October, four months before the formula recall. They laid out issues with poor cleaning practices, falsified records, and instances where employees knowingly put out formula that may have been contaminated.

Many of the brands pulled are specialty formulas for those with certain health issues. KOCO reports one family in Oklahoma said they’re running out of time to find an alternative.

Jennifer Klaus’s son Willie has gastrointestinal issues and could get food poisoning-like symptoms with the wrong type of formula.

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“If we can’t get that formula then the next option is having to give him a central line, and getting all his nutrition through an IV,” Klaus said.

The FDA said parents like the Klauses who need this specific formula should discuss the risks with their doctors.

In a statement Friday, Abbott said that parents seeking their product should contact them directly to request it.

They also say they’ll work with health care professionals to release safe options at no cost to patients.

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