Southfield (CW50) – Alonzo “King Yadee” Stallworth grew up on Detroit’s east side, where he lost his parents when he was 5 years old. It was his adoptive father who introduced him to construction and contract work, but he moved his life toward music, creating a career that has grown enough to allow him to bring his life full circle. Stallworth’s as a rapper helped him earn enough to start giving back to his community. With the money made from those projects, Stallworth founded Th3 Block Development, where he and his team purchase and rehab homes in the neighborhood he grew up in.

Stallworth knew that his life on Detroit’s east side came with decisions and paths that he doesn’t want other kids to follow. He brings kids from the community into his projects, helping him rehab these homes and rebuild the neighborhoods they live in. He also uses his music career to help kids unlock the creative side of their lives and helping them live their dreams. The purpose is to show kids that they have the tools and can be given opportunities to not follow the same dark path that Stallworth had when he was young. Stallworth knew that the only thing that helped him make it out of what could have been a life of crime, prison, or death, was his mentors. His brothers, his uncles, the leaders of the community, they were the ones that changed his path and allowed him to break into a better life.

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Th3 Block Development’s goal of “buying back the block” has been moving in the direction that Stallworth always wanted. Since founding Th3 Block Development in 2018, Stallworth and the team have renovated over 30 homes. So far, 5 homes and 4 lots have been acquired under the ownership of the company. 

His other project Stash House, was created to help kids in the neighborhood learn how to produce music and learn sound engineering skills in order to help them find better was to make money, instead of the “easy” ways on the streets of Detroit.

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Community Connect Host Jackie Paige, with Alonzo “King Yadee” Stallworth, Founder of Th3 Block Development

Alonzo “King Yadee” Stallworth, joins Jackie Paige on Community Connect to discuss his goals to rebuild his childhood neighborhood, and how he’s mentoring the community’s youth along the way.

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