(CBS DETROIT) – More alarming arguments presented in court Tuesday, as Ethan Crumbley appeared in-person before Judge Kwame Rowe at the Oakland County Circuit Court.

The hearing was set to decide if Crumbley should continue to be held at the Oakland County Jail or be transferred to Children’s Village, a juvenile detention center.

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Prosecutors told the judge Crumbley is calculating and fascinated with violence, making him a threat to other juveniles.

In a text thread to his friend and in his journal he outlined a plan to stalk, rape, torture and ultimately kill a female classmate,” the prosecution argued.

Prosecutors introduced 18 exhibits to the court, including video that allegedly shows the 15-year-old torturing birds ahead of the deadly shooting at Oxford High.

“He spoke of his admiration for Adolph Hitler and Jeffrey Dahmer. Specifically stating, ‘when you die, you need to be remembered for a long-time. Doing something that will make people think of you until time ends,” the prosecution continued.

Crumbley is accused of killing four students and injuring six other classmates and one teacher November 30, 2021.

If convicted, the 15-year-old faces life in prison for 24 counts, including first-degree murder.

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Crumbley’s defense argues that the teen experienced a severe mental health breakdown on the day of the shooting, and he’s not getting healthy human-interaction or education at the jail.

My client was hallucinating, that he was seeing things, he was hearing voices, he was not sleeping. He was extremely anxious, he was not eating properly, and that he had asked his parents to see a therapist and at the time of this event, my client wasn’t in any sort of therapy,” the defense said.

Crumbley has been held at the Oakland County Jail in clinic since December 1, 2021.

He’s currently on behavioral watch and is checked on by deputies every 15 minutes.

Judge Rowe is expected to submit his placement decision in writing by early next week.


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