(CBS Detroit) — Thursday marked one year after the U.S. Capitol riot.

Within the last 12 months, 14 people from Michigan have been arrested in connection with the incident — the most recent arrest being a month ago.

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All of the 14 people face various charges including violent entry, assault, obstruction of law enforcement, or disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds.

In a statement on Thursday, Michigan Attorney General Dana said:

“The unprecedented attack on our democracy last year made clear that the biggest threat we face in maintaining our Constitution and all that this country stands for comes from within our own borders, fueled by seditious conspiracies and alternate realities that continue to be peddled today. Some will respond to today’s anniversary by doubling down on the dangerous lies that led to the January 6 riot.

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“Others will say we must move on as a country as if the heinous scenes we collectively witnessed never happened. I refuse to let this day pass without recognizing the damage done and the very real threat that remains. I also send my heartfelt gratitude to the brave members of law enforcement who defended the Capitol that day, and honor those we lost in the days and months following as a result of the attack. Like many, I have heard the first-hand accounts from on-duty officers who put themselves in harm’s way that day. They defended our nation’s founding principles and deserve our utmost respect for their service and sacrifice.

“Those who have pushed unfounded claims of election fraud are deliberately chipping away at our democratic foundation in an effort to make last year’s attempt to overturn the will of American voters a successful, authoritarian outcome in future elections. We must continue to fight for our free and fair elections, and I remain committed to upholding democracy.”

So far, none of the 14 people from Michigan have been convicted.

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