Southfield (CW50) – Johnny Agar wasn’t always the athlete we know today. Born with cerebral palsy, Agar’s prospects for becoming an athlete seemed slim and he found himself doubting the possibility of ever becoming one. But his parents told him that the only thing stopping me from being an athlete was that doubt. He knew in that moment that he needed to cast his doubt aside and work toward accomplishing his dream.

Johnny Agar finishing an Ironman triathlon (Courtesy of Beckie Agar)

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His one goal? Walk a mile. Walking a mile was certainly something that sounds easy for most of us to accomplish, but Agar described this feat as running a marathon for him. He knew to accomplish this feat it wouldn’t be easy and that he Ould have to work even harder than others, and put all of his effort towards this goal. Agar would go on to succeed in his challenge to himself and complete the mile, but this would not be the end of his journey, only the beginning.

“I began to see that competing isn’t just about me crossing the finish line: it’s about helping others leave uncertainty in the dust—even those facing greater obstacles than me.”

Agar continued his life as an athlete, having his father alongside him every step of the way and by his side during every race. He would go on to complete races with his father that included triathlons. But these races were not the only part to Agar’s story. He began to realize that his story was something that gave him the chance to inspire others. Agar became a motivational speaker, sitting alongside his mother to share his story and help others find their own path to overcoming their challenges.

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Agar and his mother, Becki Agar, wrote a book together highlighting Johnny’s journey from his birth to completing his “impossible mile.” The book The Impossible Mile: The Power In Living Life One Step At A Time, can be found on their website,

Agar was also featured on our sister station’s Eye on Detroit feature, which can be seen at the top of Agar’s segment on Community Connect.

Community Connect Host Jackie Paige, with Becki Agar and her son Johnny Agar, a Triathlete, Author, and Motivational Speaker

Johnny and Becki Agar join Jackie Paige on Community Connect to talk about Johnny’s journey and why he chose to continue his work even after he crossed his first finish line.

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