Southfield( CW50) – Michigan Supreme Court Justice Richard Bernstein returns to Community Connect to share some inspirational words on how others with disabilities can overcome their own challenges. Blind from birth, Justice Bernstein knows a lifetime of hardship when faced with challenges due to having disability. But these challenges have never stopped him from achieving his goals.

Even though he had his challenges this did not mean he had a bad childhood. Bernstein has described is childhood as one that was full of passion, motivation, happiness, and positivity. All of this stems from his parents, and their attitude towards how life should be lived. they were not going to let his lack of sight hinder his dreams and his goals.

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Being a well-known name due to his family and having campaigned to reach the highest court in Michigan, Justice Bernstein uses his reach to inspire others faced with challenge to achieve their own goals and advocate for those who have disabilities, not only in our communities, but around the world.

Justice Richard Berstein in the Middle East advocating for disability rights in the region

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Justice Bernstein spent several months in 2021 traveling the Middle East to advocate for those with disabilities in the region. His ability to not let his blindness stop him from traveling across the world to help others and show support for them is truly inspirational, and his entire life story and work in the community has affected the lives of others in an untold amount of ways.

Community Connect Host Jackie Paige, with Michigan Supreme Court Justice Richard Bernstein

Justice Richard Bernstein joins Jackie Paige on Community Connect to talk about his journey to the Middle East, and how living life with a disability should never stop you from achieving your goals. He also discussed the right and wrong ways that others support people with disabilities, and how helping them adapt to a new lifestyle is the best way to overcome challenge.

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