Southfield (CW50) – When people are faced with challenges in their lives, how they respond to them can make all the difference. But when someone is diagnosed with cancer and beats it, then are diagnosed again and beat it, and then diagnosed again, how could someone possibly find the engird to win another battle? Rob Atteberry and his mantra of Go! Go! Go! helped him accept this challenge and face it head on.

Rob Atteberry during Chemo treatment (Courtesy of Rob Atteberry)

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Rob Atteberry is a, now, three-time cancer survivor of three different types of cancer (1. Sinus 2. Brain both large B cell lymphoma 3. Testicular). His various battles span over a decade, where he transformed himself from a workaholic to an athlete and family man. He began his cancer journey as a young, busy executive and came out of it a broken man, unable to walk or talk and in desperate need to rebuild his life. Through his first fight with sinus cancer, Atteberry found positivity in life to get him through each day, and used athletics to keep his body and mind always moving. He has competed in 1 ironman, 5 half Ironmans, 2 marathons, 6 1/2 marathons, 2 Swim Across America Motor city, countless 10 & 5K’s and 8 Team Atts Reeds Lake Tris.

In April of 2021 when he discovered his third cancer, he didn’t let that slow him down and is even training for the Michigan 1/2 Ironman, along with other races.

Rob Atteberry with his family (Courtesy of Rob Atteberry)

Atteberry attributes a lot of his ability to fight these cancers to his family and community. Atteberry has a wife and four boys who are by his side throughout each of his journeys. His community has even played a large role in his recovery by providing meals, supplies, entertainment, and support through joining him on his runs, putting up signs to encourage him to keep fighting, or helping to raise money for his treatments.

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When asked about how he remains so positive, he explained how one day he just became someone who doesn’t get upset anymore about the challenges that life throws at him. He just treats every day like it’s the best day ever.

Community Connect Host Jackie Paige, with Rob Atteberry, a three-time cancer survivor, Iron Man, and Author

Rob Atteberry joins Jackie Paige on Community Connect to talk about his most recent battle with cancer, and how his family has supported him and helped him remain positive throughout his journey.

Go! Go! Go! Rise, Fall and Rise Again The Story of Cancer by Rob Atteberry

You can read all about Rob Atteberry’s journey in his book Go! Go! Go! Rise, Fall and Rise Again at and you can keep up with his journey every day on his Facebook page.

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