Southfield (CW50) – We all know the deep-rooted history Detroit has with music, so a record shop is not the most surprising shop to pass while working down the streets in the city. But Paramita Sound isn’t just a record shop; it’s also a wine bar with various alcoholic selections behind it.

DJ Booth at Paramita Sound (Courtesy of Paramita Sound)

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The idea spans from the entertainment aspect of the stores layout. Alongside the hundreds of records inside Paramita Sound is a space for music to be played and for customers to enjoy their time while they have a drink and look through records.

Paramita Sound Wine Bar (Courtesy of Paramita Sound)

Paramita Sound closed down during the pandemic, and has kept its doors closed for over a year. In late November, Paramita Sound reopened its doors to customers to shop for all of their favorite Dance Music, Hip-Hop, and Jazz records.

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Paramita Sound opened up in 2019 and had received a grant as part of the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation’s Motor City Match Challenge.

Andrey Douthard, Owner of Paramita Sound, joins Jackie Paige on Community Connect to talk about how the idea came about to open a record shop like this, how music brings communities together, and the importance of small businesses to the city of Detroit.

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