Southfield (CW50) – Community Connect has been following the rise of Life Remodeled for several years. As the organization has made a large impact on the restoration of Detroit’s neighborhoods through housing renovations, it has taken a larger step towards helping the community as a whole by helping those who help others.

One of Life Remodeled’s largest renovation projects was the transformation of the Durfee Elementary Middle School into the Durfee Innovation Society. Within the Durfee Neighborhood, Life Remodeled repaired 53 homes, mobilized 11,032 volunteers in six days, boarded up 534 vacant houses and removed blight on 367 blocks. But as for the school, Durfee Innovation Society was created as a dynamic environment for the best and brightest to implement their own community organizations that can provide youth programs, community resources, and create jobs.

Durfee Innovation Society

DIS tenants provide educational assistance to more than 2,500 Detroit youth and children annually. As a result of high quality workforce development programming at the DIS, each year more than 4,500 Detroiters will gain opportunities to acquire sustainable living wages through new employment. Annually, more than 10,500 children, youth and adults receive human services, including diapers and body formula for families in need, health and wellness services and programs for senior citizens. This is all done by the incredible organizations within DIS, which is now at a 100% occupancy.

These community leaders are the backbone of Durfee, and Life Remodeled wanted to recognize these individual and the work they do within the community properly by honoring them through their new “Lean On We” campaign.

The “Lean On We” campaign is a spotlighting 10 of the most influential community members who have made Life Remodeled’s work at the Durfee Innovation Society so successful. These community members may not donate enough money to make the organizations donor wall, but their impact may be even greater than dollars can amount to. These individuals stories can be found here, and you may also spot their faces on billboards across metro Detroit as part of the campaign.

Community Connect Host Lisa Germani, with Chris Lambert, Founder and CEO of Life Remodeled

Chris Lambert, Founder of Life Remodeled, joins Lisa Germani on Community Connect to talk about his work at the Durfee Innovation Society, and why they’re honoring community members with a new billboard campaign.

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