(CBS DETROIT) – In the same Novi hotel where just months ago some of Doctor Anderson victims spoke out about alleged abuse, someone connected to Anderson speaks out for the first time.

“In February of 2020 I received a phone call from a loved one and a very distraught conversation it was explained to me that a story was about to break about Dr. Anderson being a serial sexual predator,” said Teri Anderson, the ex-daughter-in-law of Robert Anderson.

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Teri Anderson, would soon learn what the world now knows. The former University of Michigan doctor had allegedly sexually abused hundreds of students who attended the University for decades. During a press conference on Tuesday, Anderson says she was shocked by the news, but not surprised.

“From the beginning of my interactions with Bob I always questioned his sanity, how can this highly regarded Michigan physician be so off,” said Anderson.

Teri Anderson was married to Robert Anderson’s son from 1995 till 2008, they had two children, one of which sadly committed suicide 6 years ago as a teenager. She says she knew he was in pain and struggling with something, and once the allegations against Anderson came out, she starting putting together questionable pieces from her son’s childhood.

“I remember when Bob and his wife would watch my children during my ex’s parenting time and my son calling me crying saying he did not want to be left alone with his grandpa,” Anderson said.

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Anderson says her son never told her he was abused by his grandfather Robert Anderson, who she refers to as Bob, but says as a mother she feels in her heart, something happened that may have led to her son’s suicide.

She’s speaking out now to let other alleged victims of Anderson and all victims of sexual assault know they are supported.

“I hope our stories will spread awareness across the country about suicide, grooming and sexual abuse,” and emotional Anderson said

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