Southfield (CW50) – The perception of the skilled trades industry has changed over the last several years. Skilled trades have looked upon as low-paying jobs for people who can’t make it into college, whether that be for financial or educational reasons. However, this perception is flawed. Pursuing a career in the skilled trades can lead to several opportunities to have your education paid for and have a high-paying job right out of a certification program.

Macomb Mechanical has been a well-known name in the Metro Detroit area when it comes to skilled trades for over 50 years. Macomb Mechanical specializes in plumbing, pipe fitting, fire suppression, and HVAC services and installations to commercial and residential clients alike.

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Community Connect Host Lisa Germani, with Scott Johnson, President of Macomb Mechanical

The business was started by Gary Johnson in 1970 before he passed the business down to his three sons, including current President of Macomb Mechanical, Scott Johnson. Scott Johnson joins Lisa Germani on Community Connect to talk about the industry, what Macomb Mechanical provides, and how the younger generations are getting involved.

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Johnson mentions that a push for young people to join the trades was marketed well in recent years, and the industry is now seeing an increased number of young people as the idea of getting a four-year degree is becoming less of a priority to the younger generations.

He also talks about how Macomb Mechanical is thriving and growing, as the industry will always have a need in the community, both residentially and commercially.

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