(CNN) – “Disappointment. Very disappointed. I was hoping that we’d be able to open up,” said Linda Hoath, who serves on the Sault Ste. Marie International Bridge Authority.

It’s going to be at least another month before Canadians in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, can once again visit their sister city here in the United States.

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Frustrations continue to grow in Sault Ste. Marie after the U.S. extends the border restrictions. | Credit: CNN

The U.S. announced another extension of border restrictions through September 21.

City leaders in Sault Ste. Marie are voicing their frustration.

“We are extremely disappointed that we don’t have a plan put together, and we’re not getting our border open,” said Don Gerrie, Mayor of Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. “The Canadians have been able to put together a safe plan for us to access Canada, and we should be allowing them to access our country as well.”

Businesses downtown have been dealing with a sales slump without the Canadians coming to do their shopping and eating.

“It’s a big deal for us, and we need to get that Canadian border open as soon as we can, and we look forward to, hopefully, September 21st being the date that it really gets going,” said Tony Haller, a city official in Sault Ste. Marie.

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Many in the city believe they’re ready for the border to reopen.

“I can tell you the frustration I see from some people,” said Hoath. “A lot of frustration. We need to open up. We need to get back to what we’re meant to do here.”

Not only are businesses seeing less business, but families also continue to be separated at the border.

“We’re like one community,” said Gerrie. “I don’t understand how we’re sharing the same water, the same air. I can look out my window, and I can see Canada. How can they keep us separated and think that it’s any safer?”

While fully vaccinated Americans are allowed to enter Canada, it will be at least another month before Canadians can enter the U.S.

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