(CBS DETROIT) – The family of Sean Edwards says they came out on July 25, Sunday night, to celebrate his life with a candlelight vigil but a gunman pulled up firing shots and ruined what was supposed to be a beautiful memory. 

“I don’t understand not having my brother here,” says Chanelle Edwards, Sean’s sister. “I definitely don’t understand why somebody would come through and just shoot up the vigil like that.” 

Chanelle Edwards spoke with CW50 on Monday, July 26, about the moment when gunfire shut down her brother’s vigil.

She said, “It was scary. It was very scary. My nephew, my brother’s son, his junior, was right next to me and the first thing I could think of was, ‘get him down.’ Make sure he’s ok.”

Sean Edwards, the father of one, recently celebrated his birthday and was set to walk down the aisle soon, but his plans came to a tragic ending on Friday, July 26 when he lost control of his dirt bike and crashed into a tow truck.

“He loved that bike and I wish he wouldn’t have got on it,” said Chanelle.  

His family describes him as an all-around good guy who enjoyed spending time with his loved ones and riding his new dirt bike.

Chanelle said, “He was really the centerpiece. He was the glue that held everything together.” 

Heavy hearts gathered at the corner of West McNichols and Asbury Park for a candlelight vigil to remember the 36-year-old.

“Now my brother just looks like a hoodlum to the world because somebody wanted to come through and shoot up his vigil,” said Chanelle. “He wasn’t even that kind of guy. He didn’t have beef with a single soul.  

Detroit Police say an hour into the ceremony someone in a lime green Camaro opened fire into the crowd hitting at least six people.

A black Chevy Tahoe also fled the scene. 

Chanelle said, “But to just witness stuff like that, blood and screaming and just mayhem, like that, it’s just too much.

The Edwards family is now calling on the community to put the guns down and put a stop to senseless violence.

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