Southfield (CW50) – There are many approaches that can be taken in order to lower Detroit’s poverty rates. These include increasing employment and job training, public transportation, affordable housing, and improving education. Where do you begin when taking these steps and who do you start with?

Brilliant Detroit, a local nonprofit, was created to provide a new approach to kindergarten readiness in neighborhoods. Through preliminary studies, they discovered that the largest area in need of support was children ages 0-8 in health, family support, and education. The idea was to create a unique delivery model in our approach to early childhood development by using underutilized housing stock to create early child and family centers in neighborhoods.

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The foundation of the organization is family. Families that live in poverty tend to lack the opportunities and support that allow their children to find success. Because of this, generational poverty occurs, leaving generations of people below the poverty line. Brilliant Detroit focuses on creating a space where families work alongside their staff to ensure programs and services meet the needs of neighbors and support the intellectual, social, and emotional growth of their young children.

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Community Connect Host Jackie Paige, with Cindy Eggleton, Co-Founder of Brilliant Detroit

Cindy Eggleton, Co-Founder of Brilliant Detroit, joins Community Connect to discuss the organization’s mission to improve Detroit’s poverty rate and increase the readiness of the city’s children. She also talks about her own struggles growing up in poverty and dedicating her life to helping others find success.

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