(CBS Detroit) – PBA Royal Performing Arts and Training School and Live! is women-owned and is based in the Cody-Rouge District of Detroit’s west side where people ages 3 years and older come to train in music classes, dance, theater, modeling/etiquette, beauty pageantry, and media production.

PBA Royal focuses on the betterment of self, communication skills, teamwork, self-esteem, learning, leadership, drive, recognition of self-worth, health, tutoring, and career-building. Students are bussed to and from PBA Royal Monday through Friday. They enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner there as well. They also offer job training for parents, helping them get jobs, food, and even housing. They are more than just your everyday daycare.
Students will thrive in any avenue they decide to partake in and will experience the dedication it takes to excel when participating in practicing, creating or learning a new craft. They mold students into people of confidence, love, discipline, power, and overall royalty.

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